Germany lining up England friendly for November

England could be set to face another historic foe in 2013. Outlining Germany’s programme for the year, the team’s general manager Oliver Bierhoff announced that Die Mannschaft are planning to play Italy and England next November.

England already have a vintage year on the docket thanks to the Football Association’s 150th Anniversary, with Brazil visiting Wembley next month and Scotland joining the Republic of Ireland as opposition for England in August and May respectively.

With Poland also on the list thanks to England’s FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifying campaign, 2013 is turning out to be a year of meetings with old friends. A second game against Brazil is in the pipeline as well, and the calendar is beginning to look nice and full.

Should the Germany friendly be confirmed, the only opponent that sticks out as being absent this year is Argentina, a team I’d dearly love England to host in a wonderful year of friendlies. Perhaps in the current climate that would be a request too far.

(Photo credit: via Flickr)

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