England Links: older Englishman should manage England, says older Englishman

After nigh-on a week out of action (I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Köln, since you ask) I was expecting there to be a lot of news to come back to. I was wrong.

First, let’s go to Merseyside on the good ship Mirror Football. You’ll never guess who Jamie “Carra” Carragher thinks should have been named England captain. Yes, it’s Steven “Stevie G” Gerrard, whose influence for club and country has been hailed by his Liverpool colleague. According to Carragher, Gerrard is England’s best midfielder since Bobby Charlton, an opinion somewhat put into context by his claim that his skipper has been England’s best midfielder for ten years.

In other unsurprising news, England managerial favourite Harry Redknapp told ITV Meridian that (a) the England manager’s job is not for a young man like Nigel Adkins and (b) should be given to an Englishman. I presume he’s talking about Roy Hodgson, then.

Dave Richards is an influential man in English football. He is the chairman of the all-powerful Premier League, and the vice-chairman of the Football Association. He’s also – it would seem – an idiot, and was forced to apologise this week for comments that were inaccurate and inappropriate about FIFA and UEFA, and how they stole the game from us mighty Brits. It’ll do our already appalling relationship with the wider football world no good whatsoever, but at least it provoked the usual excellence from Twohundredpercent.

Times & Star journalist John Fuller has spent part of his week putting together his England XI, and the final article presents a team with an average age of 23 and a collective cap total of under 250. But the real joy of the brief series has been John’s blistering criticism of the so-called Golden Generation. Hear, hear.

Finally, more sad news from the famous United States of America team that defeated England at Belo Horizonte at the 1950 World Cup. Harry Keough died earlier this year and we have also now lost John Souza, who passed away last weekend at the age of 91. As Soccer By Ives notes, only Walter Bahr and Frank Borghi remain.

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