England Links: Catenaccio, Beckham, Oxlade-Chamberlain and the 2000th England goal

Well, what a busy international week. Two friendlies, two Under-21 internationals and a whole bunch of other stuff besides. Here’s a collection of some of the best England stuff I’ve seen around the web in the last seven days.

Following last Saturday’s England victory over Spain gives cause for optimism, says The Gaffer of EPLTalk.com fame. Like me, he thinks the defensive performance as a team was particularly impressive.

While it’s not strictly an ‘England Link’ anymore, you should check out Gav Stone‘s Les Rosbifs interview with former England manager Steve McClaren. The pair met in a coffee shop and McClaren offloaded his views honestly enough to make for an interesting interview.

England managerial hopeful (snigger) Harry Redknapp will stand trial for tax evasion in January. Having checked with my lawyers, I realise I have nothing to say about this at all, so I’ve just linked to the Bournemouth Echo instead.

Former England captain David Beckham could be about to leave LA Galaxy, with a few options on the table for his future after his second MLS Cup appearance this weekend. If he does leave Major League Soccer his legacy will divide opinions – We Follow Futbol writer Nick Iuele edges towards the positive. Ciaran Kelly also has a say on Back Page Football.

Whatever you think of Beckham, he’s leaving MLS with at least one award: as Adam Serrano reports for Soccer By Ives, he’s been honoured with the league’s Comeback Player of the Year gong.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was pretty decent in England Under-21s’ matches against Iceland and Belgium, but drew most of his attention from some special finishing in training. This video’s done the rounds a fair bit – I first spotted it on The Original Winger.

Barry Davies! Des Lynam! Euro 96! While the build-up to England v Germany was happening, I was playing for St Walburga’s in an away game at Epiphany School (where I later did work experience) in a primary school football match. Thankfully Jacob Steinberg and the star-studded cast of The FCF have filled in the gap by posting a rather wonderful video.

And finally, The Dubious Goals Committee – the website, not the shady cabal – have voted unanimously in favour of England’s 2000th goal being an own goal, not a Gareth Barry bullet header.

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