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Player Focus

Jack Wilshere: the return of Arsenal and England’s great hope?

Jack Wilshere, a 20-year-old midfielder with a shade over 50 Premier League appearances to his name, returned to league action over the weekend for Arsenal. The Gunners are having a relatively solid start to the season, enjoying better defensive reliability (occasional lapses notwithstanding) and benefiting from the signing of Santi Cazorla, one of the league’s hottest properties in the early weeks of the campaign.

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Player News

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney on FIFA Ballon d’Or shortlist

I had been fully expecting this evening to be taken up in part by writing about the FIFA Ballon d’Or shortlist for 2012, but I had suspected to be marking the occasion by discussing the lack of English players. Remarkably, there is still an Englishman on the 23-man list: Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

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England Links

England Links: phone-hacking, Raheem Sterling’s commentary and Jack Wilshere is our saviour

That goal Emile Heskey scored this morning, that wasn’t a bicycle kick. Seriously. Anyway, here’s all of this week’s England news wrapped up into one bitter and sarcastic post.

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England Squad Depth

England squad depth: October 2012

It already feels like Roy Hodgson has been in the England job forever, and in some places around the team he is really beginning to make his mark. Nevertheless, drawing in Poland and at home to Ukraine represents a less than ideal start to FIFA World Cup qualifying, so there is still plenty of work to do even before England are able to bring through some more young players for much needed experience.

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The FA

Going for gold: the FA’s 150th anniversary logo

The Football Association has unveiled its new logo, re-designed to mark the organisation’s 150th anniversary next year. As well as goldenifying their branding, the FA will of course celebrate the anniversary with some humdingers on the field.

(Image credit: Football Association)

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